Poojas, Hawans & Festivals

  1. The Sanastha shall manage daily morning and evening Poojas and provide the required Pooja Samgri for this purpose.
  2. The Sanastha shall make all necessary arrangements for enabling devotees of Mata Khir Bhawani to offer their Pooja at the Amrit Kund on all Suklapaksh Ashtamis.
  3. The Sanastha shall arrange to perform Namavali of Maha-Regeneya in early hours of each Ashtami and provide the materials required for it.
  4. The Sanastha shall arrange the traditional Pooja to be performed during the night of Ashtami-Novmi and make necessary arrangement for stay of the devotees for the Pooja during night.
  5. The Sanastha shall arrange Pooja to be performed during night of second Saturday after Ashtami for Mata Shri Bhawnishori.
  6. The Sanastha shall manage traditional Poojas on all the days of Navratras and make suitable arrangements for Jal-Pravah of the Nav-Durga Bhagwati.
  7. The Sanastha shall manage the Poojas on all the days of Ram-Navmi Pooja days and make suitable arrangements for Jal-Pravah of the Nav-Durga Bhagwati on the final day.
  8. The Sanastha shall make arrangement for performing a Hawan on Vyeth-Truvah (Bhadoon Shuklapaksh Triyodashi) and serve a meal as Naveed to the devotees who participate in the Hawan but invitations for participation shall not be extended formally to anyone except by notifying in the Annual Programme (Calender etc.).
  9. The Sanastha shall make arrangements for and perform annual Hawan on Ashad Shuklapaksh Ashtami. The announcement of the Hawan shall be made by the Management through Press and other available media. All devotees of the Mother shall be invited to participate and have Naveed (meals) at the conclusion of the Hawan. Elaborate arrangements shall be made by the Sanastha for convenience of the devotees as far as possible. Invitations to sister organizations and VIP’s as shall be decided by the Managing Committee from time to time shall be extended in writing. The Naveed shall comprise of a simple rice meal with Daal and one Vegetable (Potato) unless decided otherwise by the Managing Committee. Decision of the Managing Committee in this regard shall be final.
  10. In order to make the celebrations of Jeshth Ashtami popularly known as “Mela Khir Bhawani and Ashadh Ashtami the Annual Hawan at the Peeth a success, the Pradhan shall call and hold meetings of the Managing Committee of the Sanastha first at least one month before the festival wherein arrangements shall be proposed/finalized. Necessary sub-committees for specific works shall be framed and announced. The sub-committees thus formed shall remain responsible for their allotted work. Each Sewak, Sahayak, Sadasya involved in the management of the festivals shall be informed by easiest direct or indirect means about his assignment and responsibilities at least fifteen days before the function. Final meeting of all the involved members shall be called and held by the Pradhan at least three days before the function and situation about preparations reviewed and suitable action wherever required taken.
  11. No outsider agency other than Govt. Public Utility Deptts. like Municipality, Public Health Engg., Health Services, Law & Order Agency (Security) shall be allowed to render any voluntary/organized/individual service within the premises. All rights with regard to managing affairs, providing services and holding of Samuhik (organized) Pooja within the premises of the Peeth rest with the Sanastha only.
  12. All Samohik Pujas/Artis shall be lead by a Sewak only nominated by the Pradhan and in all Hawans performed on behalf of the Sanastha. Aahoti shall be offered by a Sewak of the Sanastha only under all circumstances, even if the entire Hawan is performed on costs contributed by general public or any individual.
  13. The Sanastha shall make arrangements for and bear the cost of any   Pooja/Hawan/Sampat which shall be suggested by a 2/3 verdict of the Managing Committee and approved by the Pradhan.