Code of Conduct inside the Shrine Premises

  1. The Shrine is open to all castes of people for meditation provided the meditator abides by rules and regulations of the Sanastha. Management of the Sanastha reserves the right to deal with violator of the code of conduct in suitable way including fishing him out of the premises and/or handing him over to the law enforcing agencies.
  2. Meat, Eggs, Fish, Tomato, Onion or any kind of non-vegetarian eatables can neither be cooked nor consumed within the Shrine Complex.
  3. No toxic drinks hot or cold, drugs can be used within the premises.
  4. Devi-Angan is purely meant for Puja and Meditation and nothing can either be cooked or consumed (eaten) in Devi-Angan.
  5. The Shrine complex shall be open for following functions of the public to be celebrated within the Hindu Codes :
    1. Hawan.
    2. Kirtan.
    3. Mundan.
    4. Yagneopavit.
    5. Sampath.
    6. Get-together with regard to marriages.

      For all the above functions, the party shall have to apply for booking in advance and pay a refundable Security Deposit. Facilities whatever available shall be extended to the party and decision of the Sewak Incharge shall be final. No party can book it when it is to be used by the Sanastha itself on important festivals.