office bearers

For the smooth functioning of the Sanstha, the Sanstha will have the following office bearers which will be elected through electoral process for which the electorate will be from Trust Members alone:

            i)          Pradhan                                   One
            ii)         Up-Pradhan                             One
            iii)        Secretary                                 One
            iv)        Treasurer                                One
            v)         Organizer                                One


Selection / Election of Office Bearers


Following office bearers shall be elected by a direct vote of Board of Trustees :

  1. Pradhan
  2. Up-Pradhan
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Organizer


Election of the Officer Bearers
Eligibility for contesting the post of Office Bearers :

Any Trustee of the Sanstha is eligible to contest for any post of the Office Bearers provided that:

  1. He is willing to devote time as and when required for the activities of the Sanstha.
  2. He must not be holding any Executive / Analogous post of any other Kashmiri Pandit Sanstha.
  3. He must have attained the age of 50 years for contesting the election for the post of Pradhan and for contesting election for rest of the posts, he should have attained the age of 40 years on the date of filing of nomination papers.
  4. He should not be directly or indirectly on the pay rolls of Sanstha.
  5. He has not held same post for two consecutive terms of maximum of six years.
  6. He should not be affiliated with any political party.


Duration of the Managing Committee


            Duration of the Managing Committee shall be three years. Every member of the Managing Committee shall be deemed to have vacated the office after results of the fresh elections are declared by the Election Officer.

            Any office bearer of the Managing Committee shall not be ousted from the office during its term except with 2/3rd majority vote of the Trust.

In order to have free and fair election, an Election Authority shall be appointed by the Trust who shall be responsible to fix the modalities for the smooth conduct of election. The Election Authority shall be elected out of the panel of three imminent persons nominated by the Trust.

Voting shall be held by secret ballot only. Every registered member will have only one single non-transferable vote.

No office bearer shall hold same office for more than one term in continuity.

            No Trustee can contest for more than one post. 


Induction of non-resident Trustees :


    1. In addition to the above, it is proposed that people of eminence who are necessarily a political and have rendered a yeomen’s service to the community cause across the nation be inducted as nominated Trustee.
    2. Persons heading different KP Sanstha’s and have national as well as international acceptance could be nominated as Honorary Trustees. However, such Honorary Trustees shall not be eligible either to vote or to contest election against any post or as a member of the Executive body.
    3. Their presence will not infringe the policy decisions of the Trust.


    Technical Experts :


    1. In the interest of the Sanstha, the committee recommends experts from community members who have profound clout in their subsequent fields be accommodated on Honorary basis for their expert opinion and advice in the field of financial, legal, engineering, education, medical and science. 
    2. Their role will be simple advisory.
    3. Their presence will not infringe the policy decisions of the Trust.